Presbyterian – NCA Outreach Program

NCA’s first collaborative project is with the Presbyterian church in Riberas del Pilar.  This initiative was started by NCA’s former Secretary Amy Friend and our Past President Bill Friend.  Bill and Amy have been attending services at the church for many years.

The Presbyterian church as two congregations, with services in Spanish and English.  NCA worked with Pastors Ross Arnold and Guillermo Pérez-Banuet Zamora to put this collaborative project together.

Pastor Guillermo worked with his Spanish speaking congregation to put together a group of students whose families are in a difficult financial situation, and who need the sponsorship help in order to be able to stay in school.  He provided this list of students to our team who interviewed the families of these students.

Last Sunday the 4th of December, following Pastor Ross’ service, I made a presentation to the English congregation, explaining:
  • Who NCA is,
  • our low overhead level (95% of donations go direct to the students) and fundraising activities,
  • how we provide verification of students & families entering our program as well as ongoing verification of student’s performance in school,
  • and our goal to see students from whatever grade they are entering our program through to graduation.
Immediately following the presentation, we had seven students sponsored, the most ever in one day!  We also had interest expressed by many for sponsoring students that live close to where they live, and interest in following up later with other sponsorships, so there may be more to come.

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