Laptop Donations

What a Computer Means to a Student’s Future

There is no argument that computers are an important tool for students to achieve a well-rounded education. Gone are the days when students’ assignments were written longhand!

North of the Border, computers have long been an integral requirement for students, from early years through college and university. In 1991, there were approximately 50 million users of the Internet; today it has billions of users, and Internet use is still growing rapidly.

NCA has seen an exponential increase in the requests for funding of student computers. This is particularly evident in the requests we regularly receive from students entering into higher educational levels.   Some sponsors assist their students with funds for a computer, others are able to donate an older machine to be refurbished. In either case, this is a huge step forward for an ambitious youngster, facilitating both studies and computer literacy. If you look at the pictures, you will gain a feeling for what these gifts mean!

If you have an old laptop or PC gathering dust, please consider having it re-furbished at Benno Computer Solutions, and then bring it to our office. Our evolving computer lab needs to be expanded. And we always we have students needing a usable computer.

Benno Computer Solutions is located lakeside on the Carretera, next to Bruno’s Restaurant. By arrangement, they will check an refurbish your old computer, for little or no cost to you. Contact them at (376) 766-5933 or via email at or look at their website Thanks for your generosity, Benno!

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