High School Students Who Need Sponsors

G. J.


GENESIS WOULD LIKE TO BE A PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. Genesis is a cheerful and sociable young lady. She likes to go to school. She is a smart student and equally honest and sincere. Her favorite class is Mathematics but despite that, she does not like history. She is an excellent student with a GPA of 93 […]

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A. Y.


Andrea would like to be a Biologist Andrea is a young woman, she is litter bit shy. She likes to go to school, her class favorite is Biology, and her least favorite is Mathematics. She has few friends. She likes to draw and listen to music. She would like to be a Biologist because she […]

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Erick Joshua. L. A.


Erick, He would like to be a Doctor. Erick is a 13 year old student who likes to practice sports and have such a humanitarian spirit. Even when he says he’s shy, he has a lot of friends and have a strong relationship with his family. His favorite subject is Mathematics, and he would like […]

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Diana Michelle J. B.


Diana likes to go to school; her favorite subject at school is Mathematics. Her mother and sister help her with her homework. Diana has a lot of friends and her temperament is very quiet. She helps her family with the home duties. Her favorite sport is football and her favorite cartoon is “Ratatouille”. She would […]

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