NCA’s Student of the Month


(Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic AC)

Making a Difference!

By Amy Friend

The eager, shining young faces you see here belong to some of NCA’s students waiting for sponsorship.  All are bright and hard-working youngsters, who have a clear idea of where they wish to direct their futures.  The means to get there is the obstacle:  all maintain high scholastic averages, only the financial resources are lacking.

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NCA program graduates read like a “Who’s Who” of successful professionals, they now contribute not only to their communities, but also to their families.  Most of us are aware how family-centered are our Mexican friends;  those youngsters fortunate enough to receive an education go on to help their siblings do the same, while also improving their family’s situation.  These good ripples continue to spread, and help stop the otherwise endless cycle of poverty and wasted talents.

NCA is a non-profit charitable organization, incorporated in 1977, registered with and reporting to both IJAS and SAT Hacienda (State and Federal regulatory agencies).  Our mission is to assist qualified, needy Lakeside students to achieve their maximum scholastic potential.   NCA-sponsored students must maintain a scholastic average of 80% or better to remain within the program.

NCA sponsors’ generosity has supported several thousand children over almost forty years.  Maybe you would like to join these honored ranks???  Annual sponsorship costs probably much less than you think:  Kindergarten $100, Junior High $200, High School $400, University or Trade School $1,200 (all USD).

Why not take a minute and find out what is involved?  You’ll be glad you did!  Just call NCA’s office, Monday-Friday, 4:00-8:00pm, and Lilia will answer your questions.  A talented and eager youngster is waiting just for you!