NCA Board Meeting Minutes, August 27, 2014

NCA Minutes August 27, 2014

La Floresta 

The meeting was called to order at 1:45 pm, and a quorum was declared.

Present: Bill Friend, Doug Friend, Nancy Allan, Shannon Blair, Amy Friend.

The Minutes of July 31 were tabled, and approved as reviewed.

Events: Shannon

  • The proposed major fund-raiser for late 2014 is on hold.
  • In the interim, several venues were considered for an earlier fund-raiser: at the LCS, at the Monte Carlo.
  • Themes discussed were a Murder Mystery evening, a Valentine’s Day event, and “Rockin’ at the Kasbah.”
  • “Rockin’ at the Kasbah” was considered by all as very marketable. Moroccan recipes will be researched by those present, they will also do the food preparation. The event to begin at 5:00 for cocktails and appetizers, 6-7:00 buffet. Tickets limited to 100.
  • The Valentine’s Day event proposed to be held at the Monte Carlo.

Finance: Nancy

  • no financial report at the moment, the months is not closed. Expected to be available September 10.
  • Adolfo is working on standardizing office procedures, and also is setting up a Master file for the Students and Sponsors for NCA to better manage these two groups. An added benefit: he has past experience with IJAS.
  • Nancy continues to work with Lilia and Carla.
  • Nancy and Lilia will go to San Juan Cosala Sunday, August 31, to meet with the families, disburse school supplies and student funds.
  • Sponsor membership subscriptions are coming in, sponsor letters are going out.
  • Carla has been working out well, and she is now hired.


  • The website is being converted to a Word Press base.
  • Doug will write to each sponsor, giving them a temporary password, requesting that they change it to their own password, and providing step-by-step instructions.
  • The Sponsor profiles are being created by the NCA office staff. We currently have about a dozen of them done. The new site has gone live this week.


  • sent an email to Eliberto, requesting an update on his mandate to secure the Swentik bequest. No response received.
  • A copy of the Swentik will and a translation is needed.
  • There is a new SAT requirement for NCA’s accounting, in connection with digital files for facturas. Our system will require updating to Windows 7.
  • Doug will set this up for Paulo, together with Explorer 10

 The meeting adjourned at 3:07 pm.

Next meeting, Wednesday 1:30 pm, September 24, La Floresta.