NCA Board Meeting, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015, La Floresta

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm.

Present: Bill, Doug, Shannon, Nicole, Amy, Lori.

Absent: Tim, Susan, Nancy.

A quorum was declared.

The Minutes of June 8, 2015 are accepted as distributed.

The Bazaar:

  • Lori reports that NCA’s letter sent to sponsor and friends, requesting donations, has been very effective: the response has been generous, and the shop is now well-stocked. Sales are brisk, considering this is the slow season, but of course, the Bazaar will continue to require more donations.
  • Lori reports also that she has received an enquiry from an independent sponsor regarding a bequest to NCA. She will assemble information to respond.

Brochure and logo:

  • Doug suggests we move on producing an updated brochure with the new logo immediately. Revision of the brochure content will be spearheaded by Shannon and Amy. Nicole knows an excellent translator to produce the Spanish version, she will enquire to see if he is willing to do this.
  • Doug also suggests that the NCA Bazaar facade be updated: the new logo will be featured on a banner across the upper portion, to be set forward so that lighting can be installed behind it. This will give NCA 24-hour visibility. The door will be painted white, with NCA in large red letters. Sandwich boards for external advertising will be made also.
  • Doug will upload Student of the Month columns to the website.
  • Amy will contact El OJO del Lago for past columns (prior to April 2015), these will be verified to identify those candidates who have not yet found sponsors, and these uploaded to the website.

NCA website content:

  • Responsibility for this will be divided among Kenia, Lilia, Shannon, and other members of the Board. The website is to be reviewed by the above once monthly, any recommended updates submitted one week before the monthly Board meeting.


  • A letter has been written and sent to sponsors, asking for volunteers to sell tickets, e.g. in front of Superlake, NCA will attempt to develop a “Charlie Team.” Charlie Klestadt is a well-known, well-loved and tireless supporter of Cruz Roja, often encountered at Superlake, very successful in raising funds and selling tickets.
  • The next fund-raiser will be an East Indian dinner at Mirador #2, Doug’s and Nancy’s home. The last one oversold, there have been many requests for a repeat. Date to be established.
  • It is planned to have another Valentine’s Day event at Hotel Montecarlo. Shannon will check to see if more guests can be accommodated.
  • Venue for other potential events: Mama’s Bar in San Antonio, Shannon will investigate.
  • There was discussion about sponsoring a fund-raiser at the Auditorio, featuring a local musical group, plus “Mike and the Suspects” band. Amy will follow up for information about reservation procedure and cost.
  • Doug suggests we check out “The Iron Horse” in Riberas as a potential event site.
  • The “Old Train Station” in Chapala could be considered also.   Potential for a New Year’s event?

For future consideration:

  • There was a proposal considered for a “Big Brother, “Big Sister” program, to involve NCA grads who are able to or wish to “give something back.” It would involve tutoring and possibly other aspects; however, it was felt that this should be deferred for now, since NCA is already undertaking many new initiatives.

Quarterly Newsletter:

  • A new initiative: Nicole will coordinate this, all Board members will summarize their activities and forward their reports to Nicole. Due date for the first one: October 5. Nicole will assemble the material, and return it to Amy, who will edit / proofread. Amy will then forward to Doug for email distribution to sponsors, and probable inclusion in the website.
  • Amy will send her re-typed Guadalajara Reporter account of “A Celebration of Mexico” to Shannon for inclusion in her report.

The 2016 AGM: There was considerable discussion about establishing a Board-recommended slate of candidates for the Annual General Meeting in early 2016, probably March. This should be finalized at or before the November meeting. Three new positions will open up.

Action Items

  • Lori:
    • assemble and deliver information for potential donor bequest.
  • Amy:
    • with Shannon, initiate process of updating brochure content, to be more proactive and motivating. ASAP.
    • Work with Nicole on Q-Newletter
    • Contact OJO re past columns, prior to April 2015, to be forwarded to Doug and Amy.
    • Contact Auditorio re reservation procedure and cost.
    • Send GR coverage report of “Celebration of Mexico” to Shannon
  • Nicole:
    • contact potential translator for English brochure into Spanish.
    • coordinate Quarterly Newsletter: Board members’ input should be submitted to you by Oct 5. Assemble, send to Amy. Amy edit and send to Doug.
  • Doug:
    • NCA facade banner, sandwich boards, installation of set-forward banner, and installation of back-lighting.
    • Upload Student of the Month columns to website
    • check out “The Iron Horse” as potential event venue
    • email finalized Quarterly Newsletter, include on website?
  • Shannon:
    • establish date of Indian dinner with Nancy
    • potential venues to check: Mama’s Bar, Old Train Station (involve Susan and her contacts?), establish Hotel Montecarlo dining capacity
    • reserve for Feb 14 if capacity is acceptable?
    • with Amy, update brochure content
  • Shannon and all Board Members plus Kenia and Lilia
    • review web site monthly, submit any updates to Doug by October 27.
    • (Shannon, you may have to get out your whip!)
  • Bill and Nancy:
    • Swentik and Soriana funds, establish steps to recover $$

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday November 3, 10:30 am, in La Floresta.