NCA Board Meeting Minutes, November 21, 2014

Present:  Bill, Tim, Doug, Nancy, Lori

Absent:  Shannon, Susan, Amy

Minutes from last meeting are accepted as reviewed.


Nancy will check the 5% O/H retention of sponsor donations with Eduardo.

·      We have three kinds of money, direct-to-kid donation, membership fee, fund-raising.  Also, general purpose funds like donations from the Legion.

·      Nancy will also be discussing the Factura issue with Eduardo.

·      Nancy and Eduardo going through past accounting records.

·      Nancy will confirm with Eduardo if the facturas NCA can issue can be used by a company like Soriana as a tax deduction.

·      Nancy reviewed financials.  Beca payments, started in October, ended yesterday.  Issued $175,875 Pesos.

·      Nancy issues facturas currently to the Bazaar for 100% of the donated amount.

·      Office Procedures:  NCA will develop a document for students to sign when they are sponsored.

·      Lilia, Karla and Nancy are cross-training to cover each other’s functions.


·      February, we have an upcoming AGM election.   Need a slate to propose for election, should have the slate within a month, ie. December 21.

·      Nancy will run again as Treasurer.

·      Have Valentine’s fund raiser in February.  Shannon is following up.

·      A special fund-raiser for NCA is under discussion, Lori will provide details.

·      Shannon may be the right spokesperson for NCA.  Nancy would assist.

·      Kids are now bringing in notas, and in some cases facturas for their expenses.

·      Soriana, has a 15,000 Pesos fund from their “round up” campaign a couple of years ago.  We issue facturas currently to sponsors for their donations. Bill will call Paulo to see who is the Soriana contact.

·      We don’t currently have a presence at LCS.  We do go out to San Juan Cosala, twice a year.

·      Swentik bequest funds still in the account with Lloyds, the account is in Swentik’s name. Olga Malek is the executrice of the estate.  She received 10% of monies already disbursed.  We were promised the money by IJAS, but the IJAS person responsible for the file at the time has died. NCA has a letter from Swentik that the money is to be donated to NCA.  A presentation to IJAS will be made to secure the release of these funds.


·      New Brochure coming soon.

·      Web site data entry, looking to have this completed within a couple of months.

·      Tim will be going through the website for recommended changes/updates.


·      Special fundraiser for NCA under consideration.  Suggested the President attend and speak, also Lilia with some NCA students.

·      Lori suggests that NCA publish some of the student ‘thank-you’ letters.

·      Lori wants Nancy to pick up Bazar earnings today.  Nancy will open a bank account with Bancomer.

·      Adela will sign the new lease for the Bazaar.  Lori will have Asusana review the agreement before signature.

·      Bazar business license is due for renewal in April.  We will put this in Adella’s name instead of NCA.

New Business

·      Chili Cook Off.   Shannon will confirm that NCA is a CCO-sponsored charity this year, and ask for written confirmation.  Nancy will follow up with Shannon for this.

·      We should find out when CCO will meet to coordinate volunteers for the event. NCA is listed under Charities on their current website.

·      Nancy, once we’re finished with the Becas, we’re translating the thank-you letters and will get these and grades to the sponsors.  Want to complete this before Christmas.  We have volunteers helping with this.

·      The Saturday morning IDEFT class has been dropped.  We can work with IJAS to have them pay for the student’s costs for this program.

·      Nancy wants to approach private schools to see if we can get students from there for tutoring.

New Initiatives for Students:

1.     Add to the student’s responsibilities to attend NCA events, and to give back to the organization, especially for kids that make it through to graduating University.

2.     Be Big Brother or Big Sister to kids in the current program.

3.     Mentoring, be able to speak at events, etc.

4.     Provide services in their specialty to NCA’s kids.

5.     Come back in some way to provide community service in which NCA is somehow involved.

6.     Write testimonial story of how they are doing.

Adjourned 12:00.

Next meeting:  11:00 am, 16 January