NCA Board Meeting Minutes, May 11, 2015

NCA (Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic A.C.) Minutes

May 11, 2015

La Floresta

The meeting was called to order at 1:45 pm.

Present: Bill, Doug, Nancy, Shannon, Nicole, Amy, Susan, Lori.

Absent: Tim.

A quorum was declared.

Susan introduced her associate, Mtra. Cony Larios, Supervisora Zona Escolar No. 10 (Supervisor School Zone 10).

The President and members of the Board thanked Mtra. Larios for attending and contributing to our meeting.

The Secretary

  • The Minutes of the April 13, 2015 are accepted as reviewed.
  • We are waiting for a response from the American Legion, re our request to place a drop box there. Amy will contact them again. At the last meeting, they intended to measure up the space for the drop box.
  • Had a call from Jim Clark: he wishes to meet with Karol, “Student of the Month” in May’s OJO del Lago.
  • Amy suggests we should try to be present in the press twice a month. The previous ‘newsworthy’ initiative to present a Certificate of Appreciation to Tom Thomson can’t be done.


  • Nancy outlined plans for NCA’s Graduation Party, which will replace the traditional Christmas The party will be held July 18, at the office, from 12:00 noon to 4:00pm. Tents, tables, chairs will be provided, plus food and drinks. Speeches and presentations will precede comida, and piňatas for the children will follow. All students, families and sponsors are invited. A number of gold coloured NCA T-shirts has been located, they will be offered to the graduating students. Irma from IJAS will be invited to attend the event.
  • Cony clarified the Mexican practice of honouring students who graduate to a new school level, e.g. passing from Pre-School to Primary, Primary to Secondary, graduation from Secondary (end of Basic Education), Preparatory, University, CONALEP, CETAC, ETC.
  • Cony has invited Mtro. Victor Manuel Sandoval Aranda, Coordinator of Basic Education, State of Jalisco Educational System, through her husband, Dr. Moisés Ledezma, Director of Technical Secondaries, State Educational System, Jalisco. She will invite the Spanish-language press, Amy will invite the English-language press.
  • Nancy gave a brief financial presentation, we are right on track with our budget.
  • Students from a local high school who must perform community work are now following up with students’ families on Saturday mornings. These background checks for applicants are important so that the family / student may qualify. Only one family check showed they could not provide proper documentation: no proof of address.
  • Kenia is now on payroll, and is integrating well: the Policies and Procedures documents have greatly facilitated the process. Lilia continues to work with NCA as a volunteer.   Kenia presently works from 3:00pm to 7:00 pm.
  • The fathers will be working with us to fix the broken wall. NCA must supply materials.
  • The aljibe and tinaco are cleaned out.
  • Final payments have been made to University students, $29,900 pesos. Total beca payouts were nearly $36,000.


  • Susan has made a down payment for the NCA promotional pens on behalf of the anonymous donor. The donor is very generous, she insisted on the most expensive pens, and has ordered 200! They should be available shortly. The supplier is “Saga” in Guadalajara.
  • She also outlined a project underway : Ingeniero Jaime Nieto has proposed a “Prepa en Linea” project, it is free of charge. Susan and Jaime will meet next week with Ben White, President of the Lake Chapala Society, to discuss potential co-operation with the LCS’ Wilkes English classes centre. For this on-line program, there must be a facilitator and tutor.
  • Susan will work on sample formal invitations: Mtra. Cony has offered financial support to produce the invitations. Amy suggests that if considered appropriate, we include names of the VIPs attending on the invitations.
  • Susan suggests we include both parents’ names on the “Certificado de Reconocimiento.”


  • Shannon reported on the “Summer Splash” party costs at Hotel Montecarlo: Pepe quotes $120 pesos per person.
  • She requested a price for use of the facility only from Viviana, $90 pesos per person.
  • The Board felt that there would not be sufficient profit with this cost base to continue with plans for a pool party.
  • It was suggested we repeat a very successful previous event: “Viva Mexico” at Agustin’s restaurant in San Juan Cosala. Shannon will meet with him to discuss holding the event in August.
  • The East Indian dinner (also very successful) will be repeated in late October.


  • Lori reports that business is very slow at the NCA Bazaar, shoppers not coming in.


  • Doug reports the cost for NCA T-shirts is $50 pesos each, minimum order 50.
  • NCA business cards ready soon.


  • Nicole has a friend in San Juan Cosala who owns an Art Gallery. She is a Mexican-American, and is active in SJC in the arts and crafts communities. Nicole suggests we might hold a cocktail party there as a fund-raiser.

The meeting adjourned. Next meeting 1:30 pm, Monday June 8, in La Floresta.