NCA Board Meeting Minutes, July 31, 2014

NCA Minutes July 31, 2014

La Floresta

The meeting was called to order at 2:50 pm, and a quorum was declared.

Present: Bill Friend, Doug Friend, Nancy Allan, Shannon Blair, Amy Friend.

The Minutes were tabled, and approved as reviewed.

Events: Shannon

  • The fund-raising event for August 5 is set up, ticket sales have been good.
  • Agustin has put together 5-10 crafts people to display their wares, also a mural artist
  • there will be entertainment at no cost to NCA
  • ticket price is $250 pesos, plate cost is $100 pesos, with 20% of that rebated to NCA, plus 50% of bar profits
  • Shannon and Nancy will review decorations Monday
  • Lilia will attend with Carla, with the necessary forms for potential sponsorships, their dinner will be provided to them at no cost
  • for such events, we need an NCA banner to drape across a table front
  • Doug will bring camera to record the event, useful for a press article and the website
  • will ask Monday how to track ticket sales for the bar
  • Doug says he can provide Internet access at the event for sign-ups
  • Shannon says she will emcee, and express NCA’s thanks to Agustin and the staff
  • potential Christmas event: will wait until Lori is back

Finance: Nancy

  • no financial report at this time, month not closed
  • price break-down from external accountant Eduardo is $2,500 pesos / month. For the annual final report, 2 x $2,500.
  • Carla is working three days a week, doing very well, particularly with web-related tasks, she wants part-time work.
  • Lilia will be provided assistance, Nancy will work Friday nights with her.
  • Doug and Nancy are working on office procedures and job descriptions
  • Nancy has a Non-Disclosure document for signature by all personnel
  • Nancy will continue to investigate the debit card issue with Multiva.
  • Need a contract for mothers to sign when getting sponsored, so it is understood that they must get facturas. NCA must withhold 30% of funds if they don’t produce facturas. Shannon will check on the minimum purchase the family can make with no factura.
  • Nancy pick up funds from the Bazaar on Monday am.


  • Additionalfields have been added to the database to accommodate Facebook references and telephone numbers
  • Lilia and Carla are working on data entry for the interface


  • Amy moved and Doug seconded that we ask Adriana to become our legal advisor, on a case-by-case basis. Bill will outline the proposed terms in an email to Shannon, and she will approach Adriana.
  • Bill will ask Suzanna for a progress report on the Swentik bequest. Eliberto will remain in charge of this task.
  • suggests we need a complete review of office procedures All agree, Doug suggests to wait for Eduardo’s recommendations, then revamp from top to bottom.
  • re IJAS, we do have the final protocolized EGM. Paulo to make a copy for IJAS, Doug and Nancy w ill deliver it to them. Also a copy for CCO.
  • Bill has door and file keys for Paulo’s office.
  • Bill will send updated by-laws to Doug for inclusion on the website.
  • Respond to Victoria Schmidt regarding the Legion, we’re discussing her proposal, Doug will follow up with her.

The meeting adjourned at 3:07 pm.

Next meeting, La Floresta, 21 August, 1:30 pm.