NCA Board Meeting Minutes, April 13, 2015

NCA  (Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic A.C.) Minutes

April 13, 2015

La Floresta

Present:  Bill, Tim, Doug, Nancy, Shannon, Amy, Susan, Lori.

Absent:  Nicole.

The meeting was called to order at 1:45 pm.

The Secretary

  • The Minutes of the AGM are accepted as reviewed.
  • Amy to provide text for the next sponsor newsletter.
  • Amy to prepare an article appealing for donations and consignments.
  • Also, to measure the capacity of her trailer, which can be sold on consignment for the benefit of the Bazaar.  Possibly, it could accommodate a motorcycle in transport?  (done, approx 4′ x 6′)
  • Amy to contact Judy King of the GR again, for permission to post Judy’s NCA AGM article on the web page, with credit to the GR and Judy King.

The President

  • The initiative of “Needlepushers” volunteering to sew uniforms for NCA students is being pursued.  Nancy will speak with Mindy Pinkus:  more specifics are required.
  • Quarterly Newsletter:  as requested by a sponsor at the AGM, one will be prepared quarterly; Amy has volunteered to prepare these, with input from each NCA Board member.  Doug will format and send out.  Proposed deadline is third week of April.
  • Bill would like to see the Policies and Procedures written up, distributed to sponsors, and posted on the website.  These would be signed by all new sponsors.  Currently, they are being translated.
  • Bill to contact Lois Gowers to follow up on the “Foundation Building” person she referenced.  (done)

The Treasurer’s Report

  • Latest financials are not yet ready for release.
  • In addition to the statements on hand, Nancy has added a Balance Sheet, student monies report, and an explanation of the financial roll-over.
  • Nancy and Lilia propose a summer party at the office for NCA graduates.  This would be in lieu of the Christmas Posada.  There would be food, cake, pinatas, a flower for each Mom.  Also, a Certificate of Honour for the Moms, referencing their sacrifice in securing an education for their child, and one for the students, with the Mom’s and Dad’s names.
  • Susan will check with local Prepas to verify dates.  She will also check for a certificate template.
  • Susan will also see if she can get a prominent politician to speak at the ceremony, honouring the Moms for their sacrifice in getting their children educated.
  • Susan will assist with the bilingual program, certificates, and other tasks as time permits, including emceeing the event if possible.
  • Great photo-op for the Spanish- and English-language press!
  • Protocolizing AGM Minutes:  Notary 5 should complete this shortly.  Both Nancy and Bill must sign.
  • English Language Classes at the NCA office:  roster is currently full.  Nancy will advise when a new class is formed, a teacher is needed.
  • The Chili Cook Off cheque will be presented at La Bodega on Wednesday.  Nancy and Shannon will attend the CCO presentation.

Tim Whiting, Director at Large:

  • Tim is heading north for the summer.
  • He knows who will be running the LCS scholarships, they are set only for University students. Tim will send this contact to Nancy.
  • The person in charge of this LCS program attended our Valentine’s Gala, Dee Dee Camhi.  She has been involved with Democrats Abroad.

Fund-Raising Report

  • Shannon suggests that NCA repeat the very popular East Indian Dinner event, possiblt in October, precise date and venue TBD.
  • Shannon also suggests a summer event, a pool party at the Montecarlo Hotel.  “NCA Summer Splash?”  This kind of event has not been done on Lakeside.  It can be held on the lower level by the big pools.  Montecarlo can supply hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and sun canopies. Schedule for third week in July.  (LCS has CanAm event on July 11).  Shannon will contact Viviana regarding availability and food costing.
  • For publicity, the OJO deadline is the 15th of the month, should get this in the June and July OJOs.
  • Re poster / ticket artwork…. Katrinas in “turn of the century” bathing suits????
  • NCA should have a presence at the CanAm event.

NCA Bazaar

  • Lori reports that the Bazaar shelves sorely need contributions!!!
  • It appears the next door bazaar is receiving more goods.  We all need to put our shoulders behind the wheel, and get material for the NCA Bazaar!  If we, Directors and sponsors, can bring in “the stuff,” Lori will sell it!
  • Amy referenced talking to the American Legion to install a drop-box there.  We can give them publicity as a joint effort, since they are long-time monthly contributors to NCA.

Web Master Report

  • Doug reports that sponsor accounts are now populated and live.
  • Notifications will be sent to all sponsors as to how to log in and change their passwords.
  • Doug will write a piece for the NCA newsletter.
  • Doug is checking on costing for mugs and T-shirts.  Also pens.
  • Doug suggests that for “re-upping” or new sponsors, we give t hem the option of receiving an imprinted mug or T-shirt.
  • New NCA business cards are needed.
  • NCA Bazaar poster?  Maybe combine with newspaper article?

Lake Chapala Society / NCA Liaison

  • Susan is checking on the CanAm LCS date….. (done, July 11).
  • Susan  requires updating of her binder used at LCS.
  • She would like to have all the youngsters’ info on line.
  • Also needs the new NCA logo.  Doug will follow up.
  • Susan (see above, Treasurer’s Report)) will organize and co-ordinate the summer Graduation Party.

Amy’s note:  Bill will get together with Susan to brief her on past cooperation and joint initiatives between the Chapala Mayor and NCA, to facilitate Susan’s enlistment of a major political representative for the NCA Graduation event.

The Board will meet next May 11, at 1:30 pm, in La Floresta.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.