Board Meeting Minutes, September 19 2016

NCA (Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic A.C.) Minutes

September 19, 2016

La Floresta

The meeting was called to order by President Doug Friend at 1:12 pm.

Present: Bill, Doug, Nancy, Lori, Lana and Susan.

Absent: Nicole, Tony and Cony.

A quorum was declared.

The Board approved the minutes from the prior meeting.

Doug reported the following donations in conjunction with the highly successful August fundraiser held to honor the memory of Pat Moir by establishing a special scholarship fund to benefit a qualified needy student:


  • $1000 Pesos, Paulette and Randall Coburn
  • $500 Pesos, Michelle LeCoco
  • $2000 Pesos, Lee and Linda
  • $14096 Pesos, Pat’s Daughter Kim and Husband
  • $14130 Pesos, Pat’s Friend Kim in Vancouver

Total proceeds amounted to $57,000.

Nancy led a discussion of the November 12 East Indian dinner fund raising event.

  • The menu will be the same as last year´s event.
  • The cost will be $300 per ticket, with a limit of 60 to be sold.
  • Bazaar staff will assist.

Doug reported progress on the joint project with Lakeside Presbyterian Church. Potential sponsored students proposed by the Church will be interviewed at the NCA office.

The Board discussed the annual Valentine´s Day gala FOR THE LOVE OF EDUCATION fundraiser.

  • Possible alternatives to the Monte Carlo Hotel, such as the Real de Chapala and Danza del Sol, were proposed. Consensus was to stay with the Monte Carlo.
  • The Board opted for Saturday, February 11th, from 5:00 pm. to 11:00 p.m. rather than Tuesday, February 14.
  • Tickets will be priced at $500. Lana suggested a Christmas package deal.
  • We need items for the silent auction.

Doug reported no significant progress on the ¨roots¨ shirts.

Nancy commented on the difficulties implementing bingo as a way to raise funds:

  • It is labor-intensive.
  • Some local businesses will not accept coupons.

On the Bazaar:

  • Lana suggested more frequent solicitation of donations. Doug will do a weekly post.
  • Lori requested more shirts for her staff.

Nancy stated that NCA will be on-time for the October report to IJAS, the Jalisco regulatory agency governing non-profits.

The next Board meeting will be on October 17, at 1:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:47 p.m.