Board Meeting Minutes, November 14, 2016

Notes from the November meeting of NCA board members

Present: Doug, Nancy Nicole and Susan

There being no quorum, the board meeting was cancelled, and an unofficial meeting was held.  The aforementioned board members discussed the following:

  • The success of the East India dinner despite inclement conditions, yielding a net profit of 16,000 pesos.
  • The Presbyterian initiative set to proceed on December 4, when Doug and Nancy will attend the English-language service at Lakeside Presbyterian to introduce the prospective students to the congregation.
  • The interest expressed by a representative of Tepehua in coordinating sponsorship with NCA, with participation limited to students interested in music.
  • The FOR THE LOVE OF EDUCATION Valentine´s event. The menu has been selected, and Nancy and Doug planned a taste-test on Thursday, November 24.

The next Board meeting will be on Monday, December 5, 2016.