Board Meeting Minutes, May 19, 2016

Present: Bill, Amy, Nicole, Nancy, Doug

Absent – Lana, Susan, Cony, Lori

No Quorum, however it was decided to proceed with an informal meeting.

Thanks to Amy for taking and preparing the minutes of this meeting.

Director’s Reports


  • New format for sponsor renewal letter working very well.  Sponsorships are coming in quickly. Feedback from sponsors has been very positive.
  • Spoke with Irma at IJAS, two students who have dropped out of school have a large amount of Pesos remaining in their accounts.  Sponsor is deceased, with no heir to to whom we can direct these funds.  IJAS recommends NCA’s Board decide what to do with the funds.   We will allocate to another student: we won’t disburse the funds to the family of the kids who do not attend school.


  • 10,700 donation for this month from NCA Bazaar
  • 1,500 from American Legion for three months. They are faithful supporters.
  • Propose that we thank contributors on our website, Doug will remove references to those who no longer are active contributors.

Nancy (again)

  • lots of ideas for the St. Valentine’s event.
  • Ephraim do an original portrait at the Valentine’s gala?   Promote to couples, sweethearts! Parents, their children…
  • Live auction at the Gala. He could bring his students to create and sell cards.
  • Sell tickets as Christmas presents for NCA Gala.
  • Tonya to do live psychic readings at the event?
  • Price break for early Christmas ticket sales.
  • Hit Jorge up for an ORMA gift certificate?
  • Dr. Tony Pinto, sell tickets, gift certificate?
  • Once done the Viva Mexico event, we’ll convene the committee for the Valentine’s gala. Need to have a plan for what the promotion plan will be.   Start early.
  • Ask Bob Howe to see if he can join our committee for the Valentine’s gala. He would bring lots of experience to the table from his long association with the Chili Cook Off.


  • re brochures, ask Kenia to coordinate getting our brochures out in various locations, beauty shops, banks…
  •  Potential Events Coordinator, Kristine Moily, send her an email to determine the status of what she can/wants to do for NCA.
  •  Pat, Paulette, KKKathleen as alternative.
  •  Viva Mexico event, Nancy has contact info for Agustin.  Kenia has this also.

New Business


  • Chance meeting with Bob Khune (an NCA sponsor and member of Lakeside Presbyterian Church) while getting our respective vehicles repaired.
  • LPC has two congregations, Spanish-language and English-language.
  • The Mexican congregation is the youngest, and growing quickly. Many families lack the resources to send their children to school, and may feel that their situation offers no hope of change. We would hope to deliver the message that as long as one keeps the goal constantly in mind, obstacles can be overcome, especially with just a little help.
  • NCA believes there may be a joint opportunity here to work with LPC, and reach more students. Several members of the LPC congregation are already sponsors, others may be moved to step up and help these young people achieve heir potential, if they understand the minimal requirements, and the rewards of sponsorship.
  • It is proposed that Amy and Bill write a presentation and meet with Pastor Ross Arnold and Pastor Guillermo Banuet, to explore this opportunity. If they are in favour of the mutual venture, a bilingual presentation could be made to both congregations. NCA’s new English and Mexican/Spanish brochures will facilitate this effort. An information sheet should be prepared as well: giving parents the guidelines of where and when to go, and what to bring… student transcripts, proof of address, etc.
  • English-language service begins at 10:00, Spanish-language at 12 noon.
  • Idea: to the benefit of LPC, items which have not sold at the Bazaar, should be donated to LPC for their outreach program.
  • New NCA student applications are accepted in March, however, the above process could begin before that date.
  • Amy and Bill try to meet with the LPC Pastors this month

Idea: explore the possibility of “Student of the Month” in the Spanish-language press.

Important: Keep Sandy Olson of El Ojo del Lago Lakeside Living pages in the loop: she is a Pastor in her own right, an accredited SCUBA instructor, and furthermore, a Harley biker! She is very kindly disposed toward NCA, and helps us further our mission.

Tonya was unable to attend this month’s meeting, but remains anxious to work with NCA. Doug, please send her an info copy of these Minutes, plus invitation to next meeting?

Two more English classes have been added at the NCA office.


Next meeting 16th of June, 11:00 am