Board Meeting Minutes, June 16, 2016

June 16th, 2016

La Floresta

The meeting was called to order by President Doug Friend at 11:20 a.m. Board members present included President Doug Friend, Vice-President Lana Ehlebracht, Secretary Susan Johnson, Treasurer Nancy Allan, Director-at-Large Nicole Belinne, and Past-President Bill Friend. The Board welcomed a special guest, former Secretary Amy Friend.  Absent were Directors at Large Cony Larios and Lori Skoda.  A quorum was declared.

Treasurer Nancy Allan reported the following:

  • Financials are on the website. The budget will be posted soon.
  • Membership fees are up. The clarification in the sponsor letter has helped.
  • Column in the Ojo del Lago is getting results.
  • The office is running well.
  • Two English classes have been added. A separate column detailing the tutoring and English instruction held at the NCA office may be published.
  • Fundraising events for the coming year again will include Viva Mexico in August, the specific date to be set by host Agustín, an East Indian dinner in November and the Valentine´s Day gala in February.

Treasurer Nancy Allan led a discussion of the July 16 Graduation Celebration.

  • The event will be held at the NCA office. Kenia, Carla, Nancy and student volunteers will run the event.
  • Student and family invitations will be limited to graduates of pre-school, primary, secondary, high school/trade school, and university levels (about 40). All sponsors will be invited.
  • Tents, chairs and platform for dancers will be rented.
  • The menu will include aguas frescas, cake, tamales and pozole.
  • At-large board member Mtra. Cony Larios will serve as Mistress of Ceremony, assisted by Susan Johnson.
  • NCA will invite Dr. Moisés Ledezma, the state-level administrator in charge of all technical secondary education, to speak.
  • Susan Johnson will print student certificates. She and Cony will prepare and deliver VIP invitation packets.

President Doug Friend discussed the need for better distribution of the NCA pamphlets. He also provided an update on the proposed bingo fundraising in collaboration with other Lakeside charities. Doug will attend meetings with the organizer and other potential participants.

The Board discussed several ideas to enhance the Valentine´s Gala, which has become a ¨signature¨ NCA fundraiser. Specific suggestions included a Christmas package pre-sale of tickets, a special jewelry creation, a live auction, on-site artwork by artist Efraín, and a fortune teller.

In other business, special guest Amy Friend suggested inviting Dr. Antonio Pinto, local ophthalmologist to fill the vacant Director-at-Large position. Bill proposed and Nancy seconded a motion to invite Dr. Pinto to join NCA’s board.  The Board approved unanimously.  Susan Johnson reported that the presentation, Education in Mexico, and school visit had to be moved because of professional obligations by Board member and School Zone 10 Supervisor Cony Larios. Choosing between July 7 and 8, the Board selected the former date.  There will also be an event held at the Auditorium in La Floresta on July 5, II FESTIVAL ARTÍSTICO Y CULTURAL DE LA ZONA ESCOLAR.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 p.m.