Board Meeting Minutes, July 24 , 2017

Present: Doug, Nancy, Lana, Bill, Nicole.

Absent: Susan, Tony.

President Doug Friend called the July 24, 2017 meeting of the NCA Board of Directors to order at 1:15 pm.

  • President Doug declared a quorum.
  • Doug and Nancy discussed the preparations for the July 29 fundraiser.  Dr. Pinto will be preparing Paella and salad.  Nancy will be preparing a Mexican chicken dish and Doug will be making the Margaritas.
  • Doug and Nancy reviewed the NCA Outreach programs that are currently underway.
    • Operation Feed in San Juan Cosalá.  A total of 14 students will be sponsored through this program.  Currently we are awaiting profile information for 3 of the students.  Nancy is following up with Carol Curtis for this.
    • Mezcala.  A total of 31 students are funded.  We have the profiles for all of these students.
    • St. Andrews Church.  13 students are funded.  Do not have the profiles for these students yet.
    • We have a total of 58 new students funded through this outreach program.
  • On July 15, NCA held its annual graduation ceremony at the Ramon Corona school in Chapala.  The event was successful, with students receiving their NCA diplomas.  Local luminaries, including Chapala Presidente Municipal Javier Degollado González and Presidenta del DIF, Elizabeth Genoveva Guzmán Pérez, joined parents, sponsors, NCA staff and Board were in attendance.
  • We discussed with the Mayor and Elizabeth the potential of NCA opening a facility in Ajijic for a computer lab that would provide students with free access to the Internet for learning computer skills and a resource for them for their homework.
  • Susan, Nancy and Doug has a subsequent meeting with Elizabeth.  We visited two potential locations.  One owned by the state, located in La Floresta next to the auditorium, and one on the Malecon in Ajijic.  The latter is a two year-old facility, is air conditioned and has 15 computers.  Cony will be following up with Elizabeth.
  • President Doug set the next Board meeting for September 25th, 1:00 p.m.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 1:38p.m.