Board Meeting Minutes, July 13, 2016

NCA (Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic A.C.) Minutes

July 13, 2016

La Floresta

The meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm.

Present: Bill, Doug, Nancy, Nicole, Lana, Dr. Tony Pinto.

Absent: Cony, Susan, Lori

Guest: Amy

A quorum was declared.

Doug welcomed Dr. Anthony Pinto to the NCA Board, as Director-at-Large.

Doug reported on the status of the Grad Event to be held Saturday, July 16. All is ready to roll, the food, platform for dancers, programs, etc.

  • Since there has been no word from Agustin of Viva Mexico, Doug proposes the August event be held at Doug and Nancy’s house.   Net profits to NCA will be much greater.
    • Moroccan?
    • Paella?
    • Cochinita Pibil?   (a traditional Mayan dish from the Yucatan)
    • Tony has offered to provide and cook the dish. Accompanying dishes will be refried beans, hand-made tortillas, salad and bread.
  • Doug proposed NCA go with the Cochinita Pibil, all are in favour.
  • Nicole will be in charge of decorations.
  • The ticket price of the October Indian dinner will be verified against past pricing.
  • The St. Valentine’s flagship event will be held on a Saturday, February 11. Change of venue will be considered. Following the August event, a committee will be struck to organize the St-V event. Nicole says she may be able to get a volunteer saxophone player to perform.
  • T-shirt availability: pricing to follow, Nicole and Federico have an excellent contact in Guadalajara.

Amy reported on the status of the initiative with Lakeside Presbyterian Church.

  • Two congregations meet: English-language at 10:00am, Spanish-language at noon.
  • Pastor Ross Arnold & Pastor Guillermo Banuet agree to proceed with this project.
  • The Mexican congregation is growing rapidly, young parents and students. Good opportunity for NCA to grow, and reach out to more students.
  • It is proposed Doug, Kenia and Cony establish what is necessary to communicate: house visits, transcript of marks, proof of residence, student photo, etc.
  • The presentation would include summaries of the process involved and the responsibilities of students and parents, plus probably a student(s) presentation on “What NCA has meant to me.”
  • Pastor Ross is traveling this week, will return Saturday night, Amy will check on Sunday morning to see if a first meeting with NCA is forthcoming.
  • It is hoped that, following a presentation to the Spanish-language congregation, there would be a presentation to the English-language group: some members are already sponsors.
  • Brief summary of LPC outreach: members get together twice a week to cook for those in need locally, and a large number in Mezcala. The church gives away about $4000 pesos a month in food, plus clothing and other items.

Nicole reported on the operation of “Have Hammers’” bingo game, “Bingolago.”

  • It costs $200 pesos to play. Open every Tuesday, at the old Posada.
  • Drinks and snacks are available.
  • Prizes are offered, e.g. credits at restaurants, shopping vouchers.
  • There is no Bingo Board, only a caller.
  • Doug suggests that the proper bingo equipment is not expensive, the cost would be quickly amortized, and would make the entertainment experience much more appealing. He will follow up with Richard, who initiated the bingo idea.