2020-02-18: NCA Board Meeting Minutes

La Floresta – 1:00 pm

Attendance: Doug, Tyler, Cyndi
Absent: Lana, Susan, Nicole, Ronald, Tony

  1. Quorum
    1. No quorum
  2. Michael Shaible Estate
    • Regarding our telephone conversation we had yesterday, the document I need from you for the probate of Mr. Michael Shaible’s estate is certified copies of the Constitutive Deed of the AC you represent as well as certified copies of the protocolized Assembly were you were elected President and legal representative of the AC.
    • Doug to get certified copies
  3. 2020 Chili Cookoff
    • Rob all three afternoons
    • Tyler 1 shift each day
    • NCA T-Shirts
    • Drink dispenser, banners
  4. Next Fundraiser
    • From John Brennan, regarding gaming
      • Yes, if there is no money being awarded it is considered as a simple game and no monopoly.
      • Need to create a poll on the website to gauge response / interest in the idea with sponsors
      • Ask Nancy to contact Michelle Lecoco
      • Target April start date
      • Be careful with Trevor with agreements, need to have an agreement written down.
  5. New Business
    1. No activity for building on the NCA grounds
  6. Date for Next Board Meeting
    1. March 9, 2020 1:00 pm