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Yesica. L. J.

  • 11/02/1989
  • 88.8
  • Intituto Tecnologico Superior de Chapala
  • $1200.00

Yesica, She would like to be an Engineer in Computer System. Yesica likes to go to school and her favorite subject at school is graphing. She has skills for be a person very insistent. She has many friends. She gets along well with her friends and with her family. She has a strong personality. She helps her parents economically. Her favorite sport is play basketball. Her favorite hobby is helps her sons with their homework. She would like to be an engineer in computer system.

Her dad´s name is Luis. He has an elementary school education. He works as a merchant.

Her mom’s name is Raquel. She has a junior school education. She works as a stylish.

Home: Yesica shares his home only with his husband and two sons. Their home has a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms with two full beds.