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Itzel Margarita V. O.

  • 04/13/2002
  • 96.5
  • Centro Universitario De Ciencias Exactas E Ingenierías (CUCEI)
  • $1000.00

Itzel is a nice person with good qualities, she is a responsible and honest young lady who wants to do things successfully. At this moment she is not studying, she will apply for a test to be able to gain access to university in January 2020. Her mother believes in her because she is a sincere and responsible person. Her temperament is cheerful. In her spare time, she likes to read books. She is taking a nursery course on Saturdays. Also, she has many friends and she likes sports, her favorite sport is Itzel volleyball.

Her father Benjamin doesn’t live with them.

Her mother Margarita has a Junior High education. She sells beauty products. Her health is good.

Itzel shares her home with her mom, one sister and one brother. Their home has a living room, one bath and two bedrooms with two full beds and two single beds.