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Luis Antonio V. E.

  • 09/27/2001
  • 92.61
  • Preparatoria Regional Jocotepec
  • $400.00

Antonio likes the sports. In the school; his favorite subject is English and his least favorite subject is Physic.
He likes to go to school and he has a lot of friends. He has a good relationship with his family and friends.
His temperament is very quiet. When Antonio has a free time, he help his dad in the work. His favorite sport is football; he would like to become in a “Doctor”.

His dad’s name is Antonio; he has a good health. He has an elementary school education. He works as a gardener.

His mom’s name Monica; has a good health. She has a secondary school education. She works as a housewife.

Antonio share his home with his parents and two sisters; Mariana and Teresa. Their home has living room, bath, kitchen and two bedrooms with one full bed and two single beds.