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Brandon Paul M. H.

  • 06/11/2000
  • 90
  • Intituto Tecnologico Superior de Chapala
  • $1200.00

Brandon likes to drawind, he likes to play viola and psychology.
His favorite subject at school is english and his least favorite is Civic Education; he likes go to to school.
his family or friends helps with his homework; he has a few friends and his temperament is very quiet.
Helps his mom with clining their bedroom and his brother with the school work.
Brandon likes to play basquetball and his hero is “his Parents”. He would like to be a

This is a family who lost the father. The mom is brave and wanted her children improve their future.

Brandon shares his home with his mom and his brother. Their home has one bath, one kitchen and two bedrooms with one full bed and two single bed.