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L. F.

  • 04/11/2001
  • 98.2
  • $1200.00

Luis describes himself as a good and impulsive young man. He likes to go to university, his favorite class is Criminal law but despite that, he does not like Mathematics. He is an excellent student with a GPA of 98 out of 100.
He would like to be a Criminologist because he would like to study people’s psychology to be able to help society with crime prevention. In his free time, he likes to play videogames, read, and write novels. Also, his favorite sport is basketball. He has many friends, he enjoys playing sport with them, and he likes to spend time with his family.

His dad´s name is Jose; he works as a musician and as a waiter. His health is good.
His mom’s name is Gloria, she works as a maid. Her health is good.

Home: Luis shares his home with his parents and his younger brother. Their house is own, it has a kitchen, a living room, and two bedrooms with two full beds and one individual bed.