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Itzel Alina. G. G.

  • 03/16/2012
  • 10
  • Esc. Primaria "José Encarnación Rosas"
  • $100.00

Itzeel would like to be a Pediatrician.
Itzeel is a funny young girl. She is very friendly. She likes to go to school, her favorite class is Spanish, but she does not like much Natural Science. She likes to read tell storybooks. She would like to be a Pediatrician because she likes babies. Her parents help her with her homework. Also, she likes to play with her parents and her little baby brother. They like to go to the park as a family.

Her dad´s name is Miguel, he works in a restaurant tin Chapala as a waiter.
Her mom’s name is Alejandra, she takes care of the house.

Home: Itzeel shares her home with her parents and her brother. They rent the house. It has a kitchen, and one bedroom with one full bed and one individually bed.