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F. L.

  • 10/18/2017
  • nd
  • Preescolar Estefania Castañeda
  • $100.00

Fabricio is a cheerful child. He is going to his first grade of Kindergarten in August. He likes to play with his toys and love to dance. He likes to play with his 3 siblings. His mother taught him to pick up his toys after he played with them, he is very obedient, and he likes to go out with his family.

His dad´s name is Octavio; he works as Policeman, his health is regular.
His mom’s name is Adriana; she takes care of the house and her family, her health is stable.

Home: Fabricio shares his home with his parents, two brothers, and one sister and with his uncle. Their house is own, it has a kitchen and two bedrooms with two full beds.