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Doris Marin. J. B.

  • 09/19/2000
  • 86.54
  • Intituto Tecnologico Superior de Chapala
  • $1200.00

Doris, She would like to be a Mechatronic engineer. Doris likes to go to school and her favorite subject at school is Mathematics and her least favorite is Administration. She has skills in computer and English. She gets along well with her family and friends, her personality is friendly. She helps her family with the house work, and her brother with the homework, her favorite sport is basketball she chose the career of a mechatronic engineer because it is very creative, in her spare time she likes to read and write.

Her dad´s name is Cirilo. He has a high school education. He works as a private security.

Her mom’s name is Maria. She has a master degree education. She works as a merchant.

Home: Doris shares her home only with her parents, two sisters and one cousin. Their home has a kitchen, and two bedrooms with one full bed and three single beds.