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  • 01/02/1999
  • 90.5
  • Centro Universitario De Ciencias Exactas E Ingenierías (CUCEI)
  • $1200.00

Daniela likes to read and see the movies; Her favorite subject at school is
Chemistry and her least favorite subject is Communication. She likes to go to the university and she make alone her school work. She has a few friends; her temperament is quiet and little sociable. She helps her siblings with their school work. Her favorite activity is swiming and she would like to be a Chemistry Engineer.

Her dad Jorge Eduardo has a preparatory education; his health is good. He works in a laminating and painting workshop.

Her mom Yadira has a secondary school education; her health is good. She is a nurse.

Daniela shares her home with her parents, three sisters and one brother. Their home has one bath, a living room, two bedrooms with three full beds and one single bed.