NCA Annual General Meeting, March 2, 2016

NCA (Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic A.C.)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, March 2, 2016

NCA Office, Chapala


The AGM was called to order at 1:54pm. There being no quorum, the meeting was adjourned.

The meeting was once more called to order at 2:00pm.


Present: Bill, Doug, Nancy, Lori, Tim, Susan, Nicole, Amy.

Guests: Mtra. Cony Larios, Lana Ehlebracht, Lois Gowers.


Nancy presented financial highlights:

  • The budget proposed for 2015 was accurate, there was a budget surplus of $56,000 pesos, General and Administrative expenses are down.
  • Donations are up quite a bit this year, totaling more than $800,000 pesos
  • A lot of new sponsors this past year.
  • Annual O/H expense is 221K, or approximately $18,000 monthly
    • Jan – Dec.
    • Donations 1.491 M
    • Scholarships 751K
    • Undistributed 739K (final distribution mid-March)
    • 4 student sponsors passed on and willed money to their students.  These funds are now in the students’ accounts.
    • Annual report will be posted on the website in the coming week.


Lori briefly reviewed the Bazaar status:

  • The shop is pretty empty again, at this moment, there is lots of furniture for sale. Consignments are up, and the shop is very successful at moving large items.
  • It has been a good year.
  • Shop staff proudly wore their gold NCA t-shirts, but have printed new ones, the old ones are worn out. Embroidered shirts will be checked out.
  • Lori confirmed the legal status of the Bazaar. It operates independently, staff are paid by the Bazaar, and earnings are donated to NCA.
  • Nancy has reviewed this matter with Irma of IJAS, Irma deemed the Bazaar to be a separate entity, and not under the purview of IJAS. The NCA brochure contains a statement to that effect.
  • Board members stated that Bazaar donations are the single largest contributor to supporting NCA operating expenses.


The President announced the Call for Election

  • As required, Bill called three times for nominations from the floor.
  • There being no nominations, he accepted the resignations of the current Board.
  • The following slate of Officers and Directors is declared elected by acclamation:
    • President, Douglas Michael Friend
    • Vice-President, Lana McCoy Ehlebracht
    • Secretary, Margaret Susan Johnson
    • Treasurer, Nancy Allan
    • Director-at-Large, Nicole Jules Belinne
    • Director-at-Large, Ma. Concepción Larios Sánchez
    • Director-at-Large, Lorraine Selma Skoda
    • Past President, William Harold Friend
    • Director, Events, one Board member pending


The meeting was adjourned at 2:19pm.


A meeting of the new NCA Board was called at 2:20 pm.

The next NCA Board meeting will be at La Floresta, on 7 April, at 11:00am.

AGM Minutes must be delivered to the Notary for protocolization, Susan and Doug will do this.


The meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.