Letter from Orozco Cervantes, Norma Carolina

Hello Dear Godfathers,

My name is Norma Carolina Orozco Cervantes, I am very happy since I received th good news that you are intersted in helping me financially for my studies.
I feel very happy and afortunated since Lilia, Kenia ans Carla from NCA were helping me to find good people with great hearts who would help to fulfill my dream of finishing my studies.
I know it is a long way that I must go to be a professional person, but I feel much better now because I will travel this journey together.
I promise you I will do my best at school and not disappoint you because these oportunity to met people like you it is not easy to find.
I am very greateful and I am delighed to find good people that are with me supporting me, I still want you to know if I can help you in something, please let me know.
I know I still do not have the pleasure to meet you, but I hope soon.

Happy new year!