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Ana Estefania R. M.

  • 09/09/1997
  • 75.35
  • Preparatoria Regional de Chapala
  • $520.00

Fany is a friendly girl with many friends. She gets along well with everyone at school and at home. She enjoys acting, drawing and playing basketball. In school, her favorite subjects are physics and chemistry, and her least favorite is history. She helps out at home and also helps her brother with his homework. The person she admires most is her mother. When she finishes school, she would like to be an actress.

Her father, Manuel, has an elementary school education. His health is good and he works cleaning houses.

Her mother, Ana Maria, has an elementary school education. Her health is good and she works cleaning houses.

Fany shares her home with her parents and brother. Their home has one room, bath one bedroom with two beds.