NCA Board Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016

Mirador #2, La Floresta

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am.

Present: Bill, Doug, Nicole, Susan, Tim, Nicole, Lori.

Absent: Amy.

A quorum was declared.

The Minutes of December 2015 are accepted as distributed.

Future meetings will begin at 11:00am.


  • We may have acquired two more teachers for our English classes.
  • Picked up two new sponsors in December.
  • Picked up another new sponsor, Robert Case, sponsoring a university student.  Student had lost her sponsorship previously.  He gave her $2000 US!  Will continue to sponsor her though graduation, and then pick up another student.
  • NCA distributed aginaldos this month.
  • More sponsorship money has come in.
  • Nancy spoke with Neils Petersen.  Went over how to better present our financials.  Will be posting 2015 financials in February.
  • Lilia will be leaving in March.
  • Met with Irma from IJAS.  There are accounts where we cannot contact student or sponsor.  Irma says we need to decide as a board what to do with the money from those accounts. Bill suggests we pool this into a special account for students who have lost sponsors.
  • IJAS meeting went really well. Irma is going to get NCA under IJAS’s umbrella, so we can issue tax reduction receipts for Mexico and US so we don’t need to go through the Foundation for Lakeside Charities.  With this status, we will qualify for grants from the Mexican government.    Should take about two months to get setup.
  • Irma will also help NCA get the Swentik bequest released.
  • We have 4 students who are in need of funds now.  These students are in university and Prepa.  They help us with checking on family situations. We will sponsor these 4 students with this fund until they have a new sponsors.
  • Barbara Logan gives NCA $200 every year to do with as NCA decides.  We will earmark that contribution for the special fund.
  • American Legion, Chili Cookoff, fund-raising money goes towards operating costs.
  • Almost half of sponsors are paying their membership fees.
  • In March we accept applications from new students. Last March, there was only one applicant who didn’t meet our criteria.
  • We will present four students waiting for sponsorship at the Valentine’s Day event. Nancy proposed motion, Tim seconded.  All in favour.
  • Tim proposed BL money go to special fund.  Nancy seconded.   All in favour.
  • Pat Moir has volunteered to take over for Shannon for the Feb 14 event. We need to meet with Pat to coordinate the event sales.
  • Doug to email all board members to see which tickets they have currently.
  • Lois and Kate have offered to help with the event. Will set a meeting with Pat, Doug, Nancy, Lois and Kate.
  • Deadline for the OJO.  Write up the Valentine Gala instead of Student of the Month. Amy to write up and forward to Doug for formatting.
  • Ad for the event in OJO.
  • Nancy will contact Guadalajara Reporter for ad space.  Will get it in for next week’s paper, edition of January 23. Deadline is Tuesday, Jan 19. Will do the ad in the GR in colour.
  • We have printed 150 tickets.  Doing event indoors.
  • Valet parking is already taken care of.
  • We’ll have the three girls from the Bazaar to help at the event.
  • Nicole put up a poster at Suzanna’s Salon.  There are tickets there available for sale.


  • Have new signs for NCA Bazaar storefront
  • Will give Nancy the phone number of contact for booth pricing
  • Federico will be available to help with the video project.  Lilia and Kenia are working on getting source material together for the video.
  • We have 31 active volunteers, Board, teachers, students & parents.
  • We will have two new vacancies on the Board, Amy and Shannon.
  • Doug will have two posts, Webmaster and President.


  • New contracts are being prepared for Bazaar staff, everyone receiving 5% raise
  • Bazaar is doing well
  • Girls at the bazaar: NCA shirts are wearing out.


  • Got an email from Lilia regarding the dance group (St. Andrew’s).  She will be talking with Susan regarding the dance group.  Every time they perform (they are from one of Cony’s schools, Ramon Corona), they promote NCA.
  • Cony wants to become a sponsor of one of the kids in the dance group in January.
  • Bruno Mariscal, re new shirts for NCA.  We will talk with Bruno to print new NCA shirts. Bruno may have a booth at the Cookoff.
  • Susan just got email from Lilia re St. Andrews & Dance group.
  • Lilia did meet with St. Andrews in December regarding their supporting NCA.  Nancy will ask Lilia was the result of the meeting with St. Andrews.
  • Susan will follow up with Lilia re St. Andrews. Susan will let Nancy know what action is required. Contact at church is Laura Foster.
  • Lakeside Presbyterian Church:  there was no donation last year.  Bill will check with them.
  • Susan will ask Cony if she would be on the NCA Board.
  • Cony has her brother sponsoring 3 students.


  • Went to LCS, put up signs. No one approached him.  Had one potential sponsor.
  • Second meeting at LCS for education was not well attended.  Their plan is to make some kind of directory of all people giving and receiving scholarships.  Effort to try to prevent duplication.
  •  We are asking on our application forms if student is receiving money from other sources.  Susan will be the point person for LCS activities.
  • Tim will continue to go to LCS monthly.  Foot traffic at LCS is very low.


  • Looking at doing video.
  • Brochure.- need to get the brochure printed.

Bill will invite our proposed new Board members to attend the next meeting (pre-AGM).

Next board meeting, 18 February, 11:00 am.  Nancy will have financials by then.

Last year

  • We should revise bylaws to say first quarter instead of February for AGM date.  AGM will be March 2nd, 2:00 pm.  Need to place two ads in the Guad Reporter.  3 and 2 weeks prior.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.